Meeting Space Rental

Conference Room Policy


The Judith A. Stillion and Alice B. Wolfe Conference Rooms are available for use by:


1) Non-profit, civic and non-civic groups on a first-come, first-serve basis at no charge.  Library or library related programs will have first priority.


- Is available during normal operating hours of the library.


-Any groups staying later will be charged $50/hour to cover extra costs.  Staying beyond closing must be approved in advance by the administration or $100/hour fee will be charged.


-May be reserved up to three (3) months in advance of the event but not more than once a month or four (4) times during the year.  Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director.


-Groups are expected to leave the room in the condition in which they found it otherwise they risk losing the privilege of using the room.  They are expected to pay any costs incurred to clean it up, if that is necessary.



2)  For-profit groups for a $50 surcharge that will cover a four-hour time period including setup and takedown during regular library hours.  The same rules listed above apply to for-profits.


-Is not available for strictly social events except as determined by the Library Board of Trustees to benefit the library or the community as a whole.


-Equipment such as coffee pots, projectors and video players are available for use at no charge.


-Coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and other perishables are not furnished.


-The convictions and attitudes of the groups that use the library facility do not necessarily reflect those of the Library Board of Trustees.


The Judith A. Stillion Conference Room

  Judith A. Stillion Conference Room









     -Kitchen available
     -Wifi available
     - Restroom available   
     -dimensions: 42ft x 57ft    
     -Maximum capacity of room is 350 people
     (200 with chairs only, 100 with tables and chairs)


 Small Conference Room

small conference room graphic

     -Wifi available

    -teleconferencing available

    -Restroom available

    -Maximum capacity of room is 10 people
     (Meeting table with chairs)