Computer Classes

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Winter 2020 Computer Classes

The Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library
offers computer classes that meet the need of most of
our library patrons. Whether you are a beginner in need
of basic computer or internet skills or desire to gain
skills for the job market we have you the patron in mind.




Registration is required. Please call 356-6188 Ext #14 to register.
Classes are 6:00-8:00 p.m unless otherwise noted.

The Basics

Managing Your Files Using File Explorer

Have you ever tried downloading a file and couldn't find it? Are you finding it difficult to manage your own data?  This class will provide basic knowledge in common file operations such as: working with folders, creating a new file, editing an existing file and saving it, opening a pre-existing file, backing up files using a ROM burner and other external devices.
Date offered: February 24


Introduction to Windows 10

This course will introduce the student to many of the features of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.  The student will learn about what’s new about Windows 10. 
Date offered: February 3


Introduction to Internet Safety

This class will provide training to successfully access and navigate the Internet. Topics that will be covered are: browsers, internet security, connection types, what to look for in an internet service provider, and search engines.
Date offered: February 10

Mobile Technology

Using the Cloud

Learn all about "The Cloud", what it is and how it is used. Student will need to have an established Google account prior to class.
Date offered: March 2